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Minutes of meeting for Mangere Bridge Village Business Association Inc
Annual AGM 26 th October 2023 @ 5.30pm

Business Association Offices , 43A Coronation Road, Mangere Bridge
Present :
Pauline Anderson ,
Kate Adams , Marcella Howarth , Sepali Naus , Toni Answorth , Michael Haddad ,
Zena Lowther , Lieng Kong , Maria Mortimer
Apologies :
Isabella Nathan , Year Patell , Abheek Patell
Minutes of September 28th AGM 2022
Motion : That the minutes have been read and approved and accepted as true and correct record of
the 2022 AGM .
Moved :
Michael Haddad 2 nd Maria Mortimer CARRIED
Financial Reports
The Financial Report were not audited this year . We are only required to audit bi-annually due to
cost of this requirement on our small budget .
Motion: That the financial reports are accepted as tabled and read.
Moved : Marcella Howarth 2nd Michael Haddad CARRIED
Recommend targeted rate increase.
Motion: That the targeted rate be increased to $34729.00 this is an increase of 5%
Moved : Michael Haddad 2nd Marcella Howarth CARRIED
Draft Indicative budget 2023 - 2024
Motion: Move to approve the following financial year 2024-2025 draft budget , which includes a BID
targeted rate grant amount of $34729.00, including a 5% increase or $1654.00 budget increase to
the BID targeted rate grant for 2024 2025 financial year. Further ask the Mangere Otahuhu Local
Board recommend to the governing body that the amount of $34729.00 be included in the Auckland
council draft 2024-2025 annual budget consultation process.
Moved : Pauline Anderson 2nd : Sepali Naus CARRIED
Draft business plan
Motion : That the draft business plan for 2024 2025 period be accepted as tabled.
Moved: Sepali Naus 2nd : Zena Lowther CARRIED
Chairpersons report
Motion: That the chairpersons report be accepted as tabled.
Moved: Pauline Anderson 2nd : Zena Lowther CARRIED
Village Managers Report
Motion: That the Village Managers report be accepted as tabled.
Moved: Lieng Kong 2nd: Marcella Howarth CARRIED: 
Election of Committee by block vote
Motion: to accept all the below committee members
Micheal Haddad, Ruby Red
Isabella Nathan / Maria Mortimer as alternates Mortimer Law

Shane Howarth / Marcella Howarth
Shane Howarth / Marcella Howarth as alternates Fresh Choice
Lieng Kong Phom Phen
Justin Ng Mangere Bridge Pharmacy
Pauline Anderson Bridge Rentals
Moved : Sepali Naus 2nd: Zena Lowther CARRIED

At this point Pauline Anderson stepped aside.

and nominations were called for the role of chairperson by Secretary/Village Manager Kate Adam
Motion: nomination of Pauline Anderson for chairperson be accepted and confirmed.
Moved: Sepali Naus 2ndnd: Maria Mortimer CARRIED

Motion: That the nomination of Michael haddad for the role of treasurer be accepted and confirmed
Moved: Pauline Anderson 2nd: Maria Mortimer CARRIED.  

Motion: That the role of secretary be fulfilled by the Village Manager - Kate Adams 
Moved: Sepali Naus 2nd: Zena Lowther CARRIED.

Motion: That the membership for associates’ members be set at $ 250.00 per annum
Moved: Pauline Anderson 2nd : Michael Haddad CARRIED.

Meeting ended at : 6.25pm

Sepali Naus to be removed from the committee members directory



Mangere Bridge Village Business Association

A small but very active Business Association working collaboratively with both business owners and Landlords to ensure the ongoing success of this vibrant, friendly and welcoming Village. Our commitment to to ensuring that the village is a clean, safe and attractive place to vsit, so that visitors and community both visit and support our local area by returning again and again. Feel free to contact our Village Manager Kate Adams for any enquiry. 

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Opening Hours

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Mon - Sun: 6am - 9pm
For individual business hours see our businesses section

Boutique Market Sunday 9am to 1pm Village Square


Who are we?

An incorporated society in partnership with Auckland Council (BID)

We work with Auckland council as part of the BID programme to ensure the ongoing success of our local village through a Targetted rate that is struck each year to fund the ongoing services, events and continued success of the village. We have a committee that meets six or more times a year and am employed Village Manager to oversee the assocaitions operations. Kate ADams a community local has been in the role just over nine years and many of the community know Kate and the work she and the committee does. Read more about the work Kate does in the Blog section. The benefits of this partnership ensure funding is available and well managed through the targetted rate, funding grants through council and other organisations to that help provide security patrols, a CCTV across the village, Events and local promotions plus oversight of general maintenance and improvements in the village, along with many other activities. 

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